Friday, March 25, 2011

Texas: Asher Brown's Bullycide

Comments: No, Asher Brown wasn't bullied because he was gay - He was bullied because his school didn't care to help him. There is no way to say this lightly, so I'll just say it. Asher's bullycide was because of the negligence of his school and they are liars when they say they didn't know about the abuse and bullying he was going through.

...The day before Asher killed himself was particularly bad.

“We did not see bruises on him the day before he died, but his behavior was out of the ordinary in that he did not join us in the family room as he would usually do,” David said. “Instead he chose to read quietly and keep to himself.”

But David said that Asher told him he had a terrible day without going into detail.

According to Asher’s classmates and their parents, bullies tripped him and he fell down a flight of stairs. When he got up and had barely regained his balance, they tripped him again and he fell down a second flight.

None of the assailants were charged with assault or disciplined by the school.

More comments: This school has a clear history of negligence. Further down in this article it says...

...And this isn’t the first time Cy-Fair has been in the news for bullying.

In October 2009, Jayron Martin, 16, was chased and attacked by a group of classmates who wanted to “beat the gay out” of him.

A group of eight boys surrounded him while a ninth attacked him with a metal pipe and beat him with his fists. Jayron was left with a concussion and numerous cuts.

A neighbor with a shotgun scared the boys away. Had he not intervened, Jayron may have been killed.

Even more comments: How can Texas justify not having an anti bullying law that would protect ALL students from this type of abuse? There doesn't need to be inclusive language in the law to define victims, just a law to stop bullies from bullying. Texas has a C- law right now. I'm appalled that a great state like Texas hasn't taken the lead in promoting civil behavior in their schools. RIP Asher and God Bless your parents who continue to be harassed for speaking out.


glad said...

Some people think that bullying is normal in their age but it isn’t. It is a sign on how violent your teens can become once they grow older. Parents and institutions should work side by side to prevent further situation of bullying as this could cause major problems. They should also make or conduct appropriate punishment for those bullies so that will stop doing it.

Unknown said...

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