Wednesday, June 2, 2010

VA Mom blames teenage son's suicide on bullying

Condolences to the Taylor family from Richmond Virginia
Go to to read the entire Associated Press story - Another Bullycide in America

...Christian Taylor was an avid skateboarder and fan of the rock bands Nickelback and Korn, his mother said. She said he had also had some problems with bullies in Killeen, Texas, before the family moved to Virginia a few months ago. Taylor's stepfather is in the Army and was returning Wednesday from deployment to South Korea.

"Chris was a good kid," Alise Williams said. "He had the usual teenage problems, the awkwardness and all, but he had a girlfriend and friends and they're devastated."

She described the bullying of her son as "just a lot of taunting and saying mean stuff." In one instance, she said, the classmate "told my son to go ahead and commit suicide and get it over with."

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Unknown said...

i too am in a situation like your with my daughter, except she attempted to commit suicide. the school is doing nothing about it. what should i do ? any suggestions ?