Friday, May 21, 2010

'Bye Dad' - Last Words Spoken by UK Teen

This article hit home. The last words spoken to Jared were the same.

A bullied teenager out walking with his father said 'Bye Dad' then seconds later jumped to his death from a motorway bridge, an inquest heard today.

Matthew Miller, 17, from Leyland, Lancashire, was walking with his father to 'clear his head' when he passed the school where he had suffered months of physical and emotional abuse, the hearing was told.

A quiet, studious and sensitive youngster, despite being an 'exemplary' pupil, school prefect and destined to study computing and business at university, the youngster told his father the school had 'ruined my life' then ran to a bridge over the M6 motorway and leapt over the side.

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Cassie said...

Heartbreaking. Frustrating.

Thanks for your site.

Christian Taylors Mom said...

The Last words Andy heard from Christian was Ok Dad I will send you the directions to the Map Packs for COD Black Ops so Andy could play with the kids while deployed on the weekends, since he was 14 hours ahead of us, and the very last thing he said to His Dad Was I Love you Dad see you online. that was Saturday 29May2010, the next thing he heard was me telling him we lost Christian.