Monday, March 29, 2010

16-year-old Southridge student shot, killed after school

This news article is not about a "bullycide", but about a murder by a bully - the only difference, the hand that took the life. In this case, it was the bully.


Daryl Eddie had called his mom, asking her to pick him up -- and quickly -- from the bus stop. Two boys from school who'd been threatening him the last two weeks were going to beat him up, he said.

`` `You need to hurry up because they just saw me,' '' Shonka Ward said her son told her.

When she and her younger son, 16-year-old Edward Collier, pulled up at the Cutler Bay bus stop Thursday afternoon, they saw Daryl on the ground, trying to fight off his attackers.

That's when 6-foot-1, 280-pound Edward jumped out the car, grabbed his 18-year-old brother by the shirt and dragged him out of the tussle.

But Edward never made it out alive...

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Sunny Beech said...

My son was bullied at school and then roughed up at 6th grade camp where a teen counselor was pretending to be a gang member and have the kids do it too. The school made promises to do things but they basically never happened.

We moved him to another local school and the rude behavior and disrespect is pretty bad. He has learned to be rude to cope and trains physically to protect himself. Violence is epidemic in America amongst young people and still it seems adults ignore it and allow it. I feel so sorry for the parents who have lost their children. I am thinking of homeshcooling until he gets to high school.

Anonymous said...

I also heard the horrible story of Noélanie Sené, a sweet child who was continuously bullied at school. A cruel kid used to strangle her and call her a "filthy black girl". She asked the teacher for help and the teacher just said "I have no time now, we'll see later". One day, the stress and the trauma led to an epilepsy attack that killed her. She was only eight and her bully was hardly older. I feel so sory for her family. Sorry if my english is bad, it's not my mother language.