Monday, March 29, 2010

16-year-old Southridge student shot, killed after school

This news article is not about a "bullycide", but about a murder by a bully - the only difference, the hand that took the life. In this case, it was the bully.


Daryl Eddie had called his mom, asking her to pick him up -- and quickly -- from the bus stop. Two boys from school who'd been threatening him the last two weeks were going to beat him up, he said.

`` `You need to hurry up because they just saw me,' '' Shonka Ward said her son told her.

When she and her younger son, 16-year-old Edward Collier, pulled up at the Cutler Bay bus stop Thursday afternoon, they saw Daryl on the ground, trying to fight off his attackers.

That's when 6-foot-1, 280-pound Edward jumped out the car, grabbed his 18-year-old brother by the shirt and dragged him out of the tussle.

But Edward never made it out alive...

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