Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brandon's Story

Here are some short quotes from Bullycide in America, taken from Brandon's Chapter - Bullies Who Kill - By Cathy Swartwood Mitchell

“The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity.” George Bernard Shaw

"...I have tried to write Brandon’s story for three days and have not been able to complete it…maybe today. I have a lot to say and this is a very painful and emotional subject for me. While my heart goes out to the victims of all school shootings, a different type of crime is happening in our schools. It has devastated my life.

"Although rarely labeled as such, "bullying" is a crime. It injures, maims, destroys and kills. Until a proactive approach is taken against crimes of bullying, a reactive approach to crimes of school shootings is futile.

"Bullying is a crime in which the perpetrators are rarely punished and the victims rarely receive justice. This crime is usually repetitive and a victim is injured and traumatized over and over again. When bullying claims yet another victim, few notice and even fewer care.

"Oftentimes, the victims themselves are blamed by being told that they must be doing something to "deserve" it. These victims are isolated and usually suffer in silence. The media doesn't broadcast the injuries or deaths of these silenced victims. Our nation doesn't share in their pain or extend sympathies to their survivors. Communities aren't outraged by these senseless and equally devastating crimes. The only outrage in our nation — in our communities — is when the psychological injuries caused by the bullying are externalized, and we have yet another school shooting."

To order, "Bullycide in America: Moms speak out about the Bullying/suicide connection" go to The book can be ordered by e-book (download), or by softbound print.


Karen Bessey Pease said...

My heart goes out to you and all those children and their parents who are battling the problem of bullying. We DO need to be proactive, and we do need to follow through with appropriate punishment when bullying occurs. We also need to make sure that the educators are aware of the problem, and we must encourage our children not only to speak out and report the incidents, but encourage them to learn effective techniques to combat bullying. In Grumble Bluff, I address the issue of adolescent bullying and how it can affect the lives of children, and I hope through my tale about the power of friendship, I can have a small impact on tweens and teens. Karen Bessey Pease, author of juvenile fiction,

Anonymous said...

Your blog popped up on my Google News alerts. Thank you for sharing your story. You must make every effort to get the word out and teach/train others in the school communities. Our commitment is to help parents get started back in child/student's education so they can see firsthand what is taking place.

The family is a critical component to any child’s life. When it comes to education, no greater statistic stands truer today than the achievement gap between students whose parents are involved in their education process and those who do not have that support. Personal responsibility, safety and education are key elements to bringing up the next generation.

After 10 years of experience leading a volunteer program in my children’s elementary and middle schools, Schools And Families Engaged (the S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus) was launched in 2008 to meet the needs of schools and families. Many of the school's families do not know where to begin in school. Many parents today never had an example of their parents supporting the school let alone they may not have enjoyed their personal schooling experience. Why would they have a desire to serve? You only know what you have experienced.

Make time to check out our site . On the About SAFE page, click on the 40 Developmental Assets link. This will tie in all the benefits of families and communities supporting their students both in school and out of school.

Patrick Harnish said...

I am sorry to hear what you have gone through, I know first hand what it is like, and how it spirals down. You almost take your life in the process. 10 years ago, even removed from the situation at the school. I was trying to do just what he had done. It is not easy to deal with, and its very emotionally draining. Had the counselors not picked up on it, I would not be here today. I acted up to get suspended or thrown out of school, I didn't want to be there, to much going on from all of it, and I couldn't take it. That's when I did something terrible, but it helped me get out and no one was hurt. I thought it would stop after being removed from the school, but after a decade it doesn't, and becomes your life at night when you try to sleep, when your sitting there doing nothing, and at all times, it tries to take over your mind in viewing all these horrible things. My heart goes out to you, as it does hurt the ones you love badly.

mom of three said...

I am dealing with a principal who has a history of getting the district to move the victim to another school. The bully and another violent child has been moved to another class. But no punishment has been given. We feel they are treating us like the person who is wrong here. Is there any help in Hernando County, Florida that we can get to advocate for us? Thank you for your heartfelt post about your son. I am very sorry for your loss.