Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Working on the online Book

Today I've spent most of the day working on the online e-book, Bullycide in America: Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection. I'm making progress.

What's great about the online edition is that it will be easier to read, have lots of color pictures of the kids, a favorite quotes section, plus a recommended resource section from the writers. There will also be bonus downloads. The book will be offered as an affiliate program allowing readers & organizations to make a little money out as they get the word out about the dangers of bullying.

I can't wait to have it all ready go on the site, ...Updates to the site is the next project I'll be working on.

I'll keep readers of this blog posted on my progress.


Upset Mom said...

I am so glad mom's are now coming together to protect our kids! I thought at the time when my daughter was going through a bullying situation in high school I was alone. Amber is now 21 and her situtation did not end in suicide but I feel it changed her life forever. Amber was a freshman when the bullying started and by sophmore year I had many meetings with the high school staff members but got no where!! As time went on Amber wouldn't go to school and decide to quit because these girls were threatening to kill her. Yes, Amber has sorted it all out but instead of highschool being a good experience it was not. We would love to share our story for those it may help!!

Unknown said...

I have read your story and my heart goes out to you . The pain your child went through . The heartache you are dealing with . I just wish there is someway I could help .
Instead I find myself in desperate need of your help . In hopes of reliefing some cruel pain my 16 yr old daughter has been going through..she has been the victim of some on line bullying . She has kept it a secret from me for almost 2 years.Suffered in silent pain . Afraid and scared made to feel ashamed. Terrified to ask for help . Just wanting it all to go away . For 2 years my little girl has lived in silent hell .
I didn't know a thing about this . I feel like such a horrible parent. How could I not know? Why on earth did she not reach out to me or anyone else for that matter.I am now asking questions that I should have long ago asked.She is just bottled up with angry and fear. The worst is she refuses to tell me who wrote that first post.
Yes that first post that began the cruel harsh devastating discruction of my daughter life. You see she was only 14 at the time this all started.Never could I imagine that such horrible harmful things would and could be written about my daughter..How on earth do protect her from this .
I have written several times to this website called. The Dirty and begged pleaded o have her name removed from their site . I have repeated that she is a child . I have told them of the devastation this has caused her I have explained that over 2 years she has gone through depression angry rage towards her self and others ..
I have not received not one word from them . Nothing at all . This website is helping destroy my daughter life..please please if you have any suggestions on how to help my daughter . I would forever be grateful... ..

Unknown said...

The previous comments is written by my girlfriend who just wants to help her daughter. Please if you have suggestion she would appeirate it . Contact her at