Monday, August 13, 2007

Bullycide "Mums" - Australia

This weekend I met another Bullycide mom in Australia - she called herself a bullycide "mum". Suicide's attributed to bullying, "bullycide," is not just an American phenomenon. Bullycides are happening all over the world. Our sad "Bullycide Mom's Club" is growing, and that's a sad commentary for our world community. We need to change attitudes about bullying in ALL of our schools.
~Brenda High


Robin Todd said...
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Robin Todd said...

I have talked to quite a few people in the past month and all have supporting and great things to say about the book - Bullycide in America. From one mom,(wishing the book was available earlier) in desperate cry for help, that her daughter recently tried to commit suicide, because she could not handle the bullying and harassment from others...and another - "I think this is an excellent project. I was bullied from 1st - 6th grade,....then I decided to fight back... When will your book be available?"
Help us raise awareness on the serious issue of bullying...a precious life might be saved!
Robin Todd
Arizona Bully Police Director

Unknown said...

hey brenda my names tanika im 17 and im from australia. i am currently doing a major study on bullycide as a major project for the hsc- this is similar to the s.a.t's in america.

i was wondering if you could spare some time to answer a few questions relating bullycide, through email perhaps.

thanking you ,

you may contact me back through my email or

thanks again