Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We are the Bullycide Moms

My name is Brenda and I lost a child to "bullycide", a suicide attributed to the effects of bullying, September 29, 1998. I have never been the same.

I recently compiled a book called, "Bullycide in America: Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection" with 9 other writers, 6 of whom lost their children to bullycide just like me.

I welcome any comments from others who are parents (or grandparents) of children who are bullied, students who are being bullied, survivors who somehow got through the trauma of bullying or anyone else who would like to share your thoughts.

Our book will be available to order in early September 2007 and our online book (with an affiliate program) should be ready by August 16th. Go to www.bullycide.org for more details.

Also check out www.bullypolice.org and www.jaredstory.com.



Mellifluous said...

The loss you have suffered is enormous. I know all too well the pain of losing a loved one to the abruptness of suicide, but I cannot even begin to fathom losing a child. It is encouraging that you have taken that emotion and used it to make a difference. I can hardly wait to read the book. Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness on this important issue.

Joanie said...

I can only imagine your agony to lose a child in such a autrosity. My son is 9 yr old and has been bullied since 2004 @ his school. It began the very 1st day of K! He came home with several bruises a day, and not teachers seen anything. He even was repeatedly jabbed with a pencil with many bruises. My poor child suffers from anxiety school phobia, depression along with learning disabilities. I am thinking of writing my own book along with lobbying the Senate to pass an ANTI-BULLYING LAW IN NYS. blessings to all victims of bullying, may Angels protect you.

MomX2 said...

that is so undeniably infuriating. Jabs from pencils everyday? with bruises? that is harrassment and abuse. I wouldnt let the school get away with allowing that. There needs to be much stiffer punishment and rules rather than the teacher look away. Our children are the ones that suffer not only now but years later as well. I am 30 and was harrassed and bullied in 6/7th grade. I still suffer repricussions of the horrible treatment so it scares me to death sending my kids to school. Bullying is scaring, and our kids shouldn't be sacrificed to the bullies. Something must be done.